Current SAP Staffing Trends

The year 2019 has, by far, has been good for SAP professionals and it sure looks even better in the coming year. Owing to the ever-evolving nature of SAP technology, there are skills gaps being created that are not easy to fill. With AI, automation and Big Data coming to the forefront of technology, there is going to be a significant impact on the recruitment and hiring process. As an SAP professional, it is good to be informed of SAP staffing trends that are going to shape rest of 2019 and 2020. We are here do just that for you!

> It is no surprise that data is still going big in 2019. Everything related to and connected to the Internet is gaining faster traction. Data and analytics have come to play a big role in the recruitment process - from identifying the talent pool to maximizing the efficiency of the hiring process. This is going to become even bigger in 2019 and data analytics will be used to streamline ideal candidature, analyze and draw conclusions from the hiring process.

> With various technologies in place for the requirement process, it is becoming inefficient for recruiters to manage the whole process of integration. So this year it is going to be all about focusing on integration of various technologies and increasing the interaction time with clients and candidates. Companies will tend to delve deeper to retain relevant information rather than store all data. 

> It is difficult to discuss any current technological trend without talking about the influence of AI. AI has got something to contribute to every aspect of emerging technology and recruitment is no exception there. AI is going to shift from being a back-end tool to a front-end, task-specific recruitment tool. AI will be used to streamline early process of recruitment, such as identifying the appropriate talent pool and subsequent bifurcation of ideal candidates for the required role. 

> Industry-specific SAP experience is going to become more and more important in the upcoming days. Companies prefer candidates who can adapt themselves to industry know-hows than someone who mastered an entire module. Hence, SAP module expertise is going to mean different and is less impactful in the reminder of 2019 and the same trend is expected to be carried forward into 2020. 

> Social media is going to play a larger role in the hiring process than it has in the coming year. Recruiters are relying on reviews posted on social media, websites and discussion forums to evaluate the first impressions they leave on the prospective employees. Recruiters are increasing the use social media and review websites to build a strong relationship and attract the right talent pool. 

> In face of ever-changing technology, agility and adaptability are going to be vital for hiring and recruitment process. Recruiters are searching for the talent pool that is niche and is adaptable as per the job demands and requirements. 

In conclusion, business intelligence, data analytics, automation and artificial intelligence are here to stay. There will be an ongoing demand for personnel with this skill set. Recruiters must pay attention to these trends to find the right talent pool and ensure a seamless hiring process. 

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